Friday, February 29, 2008

corsican paintbrush

Corsican Paintbrush - Aquaria Hymns
"Marketing yourself as a 'husband and wife team' isn't the most obvious way to carve out a name for you in the back-biting world of psychedelic folk music. I mean, think of husbands and wives making music and you think Sonny and Cher or, er Wings? and that's not a particularly glamorous image, let alone credible. Well Brad Rose (aka the North Sea) and his long-suffering missus Eden (quit those garden jokes already!) have found something better to do then sit around watching Ugly Betty re-runs, yep they figured one lonely afternoon that there could be no time better spent than mucking about with ethnic instruments and clattering percussion. Well come on, there are weirder things a married couple could be getting up to - the 'Corsican Paintbrush' moniker certainly brings to mind a few (!) and thankfully the fruits of their labours are rich, varied and high in protein. It will be no surprise to those of you who are familiar with Brad Rose's epic catalogue (we're sure he releases about an album a month at the moment?) that he's dug out the North Sea staple the Bouzouki to add some clamorous high end to the mix, but it's the overall construction that has stunned me the most while listening to 'Aquarian Hymns'. Eden, it seems, is a pacifying influence on her beau, rounding off the sharp edges to his productions and adding something altogether more? feminine. It seems a funny thing to say but there's a delicacy and fragility to the record that suggests the calming and sensitive hand of a lady was at work and through all the mire of abstract noises and winding drones this is where the heart of the record lies. Imagine Sunburned Hand of the Man getting the once-over from French woman of wonder Colleen - there is without a doubt an irreverent improvised interplay here, but at the same time the record is glistening with something totally beautiful. Digitalis are on a roll at the moment with utterly killer releases from Zelienople and Hush Arbors tantalising the ears of Boomkat HQ, and this is yet another one to encourage you to cough up your hard earned and sink into a foreign land of spiralling psychedelic excess. Leave your mind at the door - just remember to wipe your feet before you come in?"

sounds like: tradition, nonexistent countries, laced dresses

physical demon

Physical Demon - Anklyosaur Generator

"Our second instalment of the Emerald City Debacle finds the new duo of Gordon E. Greenwood III and Dustin Kochel exploring all analog improv noise. While it is a noisy record it is also a warm record. Violent but not harsh. Anklyosuar Generator is noise with a sense of story and flow. The album sits well next to Yellow Swans, Wolf Eyes and Kevin Drumm while not directly quoting any of those artists. Since this recording the boys have added Tim thus reuniting the core of their previous band Bird Shaped Holes in the Sky. "

sounds like: echoing computer problems

hello and mattress

i am paul and i will give you music
okay so first i give you mattress
this dude rox

Mattress - Eldorado

Mattress - Who Do You Lust?

"Mattress may bring images of discarded furniture, caked and reeking of dead skin and matted clumps of hair. From the lip-chapping desert air, a deep bold voice collides against ancient rock walls, stabbing icicles in the rubbery flesh of cacti while oozing sinister intentions across lizard flesh. Mattress is what Suicide's first album would have sounded as a blues band: confrontational, sinister and somehow still dancy. Like more recent era Nick Cave low dark vocals meets old era Smog, pop with a lonely bedroom recorded desperation. Rex Marshall is a one-man rhythm ace of prison water torture repetitive beats and slippery casio keyboard progressions."

sounds like: mr. canning, men with moustaches, strip mall drone
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